Cardiff Science Festival 2021 - Kids Game Jam

The Cardiff Science Festival 2021 held a Kids Game Jam on the 21st of February. I was the Audio Leader and I also aided in the organisation of the event. The event was held online on Zoom with participants taking place with ages ranging from 6 - 15 years old and lasted from 10:00AM - 04:00PM. I was in charge of helping the participants with any audio and implementation techniques within Scratch ( This year’s theme was all about Space! We used Padlet to collect questions and it also allowed everyone to share ideas and resources between each other. Finally when all the games were finished and the festival was over, each participant shared the link to their game on a different Padlet. We even picked prizes for winners!

I had so much fun being able to help children create their own games. Everyone had fantastic ideas and I was so pleasantly surprised by how talented everyone was!