“Gin did an amazing job at composing a score for ‘Peregrine Coast’. Her musical training along with her creative flare meant she was able to write a highly professional soundtrack. The score excellently matches and enhances the varying emotions throughout the film, making for a truly engaging experience. Gin has not only followed the brief but brought many creative ideas of her own. It has been a pleasure to have her work on this project.”

— Andrew Salter, 'Peregrine Coast' Documentary 

"Gin's talent and enthusiasm is a gift for any team. She did a great job creating a groovy theme for Hover Cabby and has also made a name for herself in the Bristol game jam scene"

— Alex Birke - 'Hover Cabby' Out of Bounds Games

“Virginia is an incredibly talented musical artist who I’ve not only had the pleasure of working with in a Games Jam capacity, but in commissioning her work as well. At the games jams she quickly picked up on the themes of the game we were working on and in a short timespan, made a soundtrack and effects that enhanced the end experience. As a team we even ended up winning the judges award for our submission. After this, a friend and myself decided to start a podcast and like most people, we began the recording thinking we didn’t need a musical backdrop to our antics, it soon became clear that it needed more depth, so I got in touch with Virginia to ask for her musical services. With only a brief description and a logo to go off, not only did she experiment with a fairly new genre to her work, she came up with a fantastic piece which I can cut and rearrange at my leisure, taking my podcast to the next level of professionalism. The first iterations were sent quickly and iterated on when I suggested edits, and we found the feel and sound of the track after discussing it further, by the end, the final track was perfect….So much so, I had it stuck in my head for days.”

— Alix Briskham, 'Query The Theory' Podcast

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