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Game Worlds Camp

On June 14th I was invited to judge at Game Worlds! I was extremely impressed at how polished the games being presented were. The presentation, pacing and all the combined elements including game design, art, and audio were to a very high standard, especially for the kid's age groups. I was surprised by their talents and felt grateful to be able to not only judge but to simply be witness to their efforts in creating their own video games from scratch. The amount of hard work and challenges put into creating games can easily go unnoticed when you're having fun playing them, it takes a lot of dedication, problem-solving and most of all teamwork to make a playable experience, let alone an enjoyable one too! I can't wait to come back and see more fresh new games!

Sai Sion, Director of Operations, invited me to judge 5 teams to help find a winner for Game Worlds, Game of the Week! The games are now available to play on Game Worlds Camp page here:

Congratulations to Team Boundless Limitations and their game Boundless Mischief for winning Game of the Week! ⭐

Game Worlds camp gives kids ages 8-18 the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of game development! Game Worlds is an award-winning STEM education program that turns kids’ passion for playing games into a love of building them! Working in a team, students learn both the artistic and technical aspects of game development, bond with friends, and build confidence as coders, storytellers, artists, and musicians. Because the final projects are actually built by them, students leave Game Worlds with both a game they feel proud of, and the skills needed to build their next one! 

More about Game Worlds:



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