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Virginia Leo is a composer, pianist, and vocalist working primarily with video games but also writes music across all other mediums.

Her most notable work as composer & sound designer was featured in the Black Cat, White Rabbit, and Christmas Chapter updates for "The Baby In Yellow" by Team Terrible which has over 150 million downloads on Android/iOS and PC. Since Virginia started her game audio journey in 2018, she has been diligently participating in many game jams over the years and winning a few awards. During Ludum Dare 51 in 2022, she placed 3rd out of 2414 in the "Audio" category for "Metal Muscle Mage".

Virginia also experienced working with immersive technologies when she worked on "The Museum of Imagined Futures" a Virtual Reality project produced by Indigo Storm XR in collaboration with Studio ANRK. This VR project was funded by StoryFutures as part of StoryTrails, the UK’s largest immersive storytelling experience, and one of the biggest people’s history projects ever undertaken. "The Museum of Imagined Futures" alongside many other projects was toured and exhibited at 15 locations across the UK during the summer of 2022 and later in 2023, it would be nominated for the South by Southwest SXSW Innovation Awards in the "Immersive" category.

In 2022, Rings of Saturn, a technical deathcore band with game-influenced tunes also known for dubbing their own style "aliencore", released their first all-instrumental album which added elements of world music, choral vocals, piano, and strings to their progressive and electronic attack. Virginia was guested on the album as a pianist, orchestral producer, and composer. After the release of the Rings of Saturn self-titled album, she toured 23 states across the United States with the headliner band on their Cyber Shred Tour 2022.

Virginia’s love for wildlife & conservation led her to work on nature documentaries as well. She composed and produced the score for "Peregrine Coast" by Andrew Salter, a short documentary that was awarded Animalis Fabula Festival's Official Selection for February 2021. During this time, she was researching for her Honours Project on Gamification in Music Education as part of her BA Hons Degree in Sound for Games & Apps at the dBs Institute where she graduated with First Class Honours.


Music is the closest thing we have to magic.​..


Music is a time machine that teleports us when we simply start listening to it. It's so intrinsically connected with us that our brains can recognize a familiar song in only 100 to 300 milliseconds. I believe that the greatest and most memorable experiences are the ones that leave an impact, and one of the best ways is through a timeless soundtrack that will remain with us for the rest of our lives.


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Yogscast Award

Yogscast Award for

"Home Invasion"

Global Game Jam 2019


GGJ 2020 Winner

Best Overall Game for

"Frank's Anatomy"

Global Game Jam 2020


3rd Audio LD51

3rd out of 2414 in Audio for

"Metal Muscle Mage"

Ludum Dare 51


6th Audio LD52

6th out of 1144 in Audio for


Ludum Dare 52

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