Virginia Leo is a pianist, vocalist, and composer for adaptive & interactive media. She was born in Rome and moved to the UK in 2002. When she was 9 years old she began studying piano under the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Later, in 2010 she began touring with the Welsh National Opera and performed with them for a couple of years. She continued her musical education in 2016 studying Popular Music at Cardiff and Vale College, achieving a Triple Grade Distinction. Unsure whether to pursue her journey in musical performance, she decided to combine her two biggest passions: games and music. Therefore, in 2018 she began her Bachelor Honours Degree in Sound for Games and Apps at the dBs Sound & Music Institute in Bristol where she learned how to use game engines, middleware, and studio recording techniques. During her time at university, she began developing a keen interest in gamification, VR content, adaptive and interactive music. Since moving to Bristol, Virginia has made a name for herself in the game jam scene attending the yearly Global Game Jam event 3 times. Her enthusiasm for game jams led her to help manage the Kids Game Jam online event as part of the 2021 Cardiff Science Festival as Lead Audio. She also has a passion for film and scored for the nature documentary titled 'Peregrine Coast' by Andrew Salter which was awarded Animalis Fabula Film Festival's 'Official Selection' for 2021. 


'Frank's Anatomy'
Best Overall Game
Global Game Jam 2020
'Home Invasion'
Yogscast Award
Global Game Jam 2019