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Happy New Year! Recap 2023

Happy New Year! 🥳🎉

Here's my 2023 Recap in 10 points!

1. Saw my first Rodeo in Texas, ate BBQ, saw Flo Rida live, and watched tiny pigs race

2. First time at Game Developers Conference! I got the Stan LePard GDC Memorial Scholarship

3. Started caring about fitness, went to Crossfit @crossfit_cavallino and lost 10kg this year

4. First time on panels! I did 3 this year with ASMAC / PAX West / Work With Indies

5. Won a ticket to Nintendo Live in Seattle! I met K.K. Slider and Kirby!

6. Worked on The Baby In Yellow's biggest update, The Black Cat! The game has 200 million downloads now!!!

7. Started livestreaming on YouTube! My channel received over 500 subscribers, 4,800 watch hours, and 87,000 views!

8. Saw Tenacious D live on their Spicy Meatball Tour!

9. Visited Las Vegas for the first time and saw Lady Gaga's Jazz & Piano concert on my birthday!

10. New pet!!! I adopted a stray kitten who was living in my backyard. She's very special, her name is Minnie

Thank you so much for making this year a good one, 2024 will be busy! More news soon!



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