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Amplexus | Amphibians After Dark

Under the cover of darkness an army of amphibians employ drastic techniques to sire offspring of their own.

'Amplexus' is a short documentary made by Andrew Salter & Adam Hearne which quite literally sheds light on the amphibians living in central Bristol and what they get up to under the cover of darkness.

Amphibians are one of the most endangered groups of animals worldwide. Habitat loss is a major contributor to this. When making this film, it was reassuring to see such a large population in a central park. We hope 'Amplexus' can highlight the importance of protecting our urban green spaces, particularly for the nocturnal species we sometimes forget live there too.


Filmed by Andrew Salter & Adam Hearne

Narrated by Andrew Salter

Edited by Andrew Salter

Original Music by Virginia Leo

Sound Editing by Harry Byrne



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