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I recently was asked by Tony Manfredonia to give a talk at the upcoming ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers) online event for the Video Game Composer Forum: "Specialization" vs. "Versatility" which will be held on May 13th this year! 🎉

For more details visit:

About the event:

Often, video game composers are requested to blur lines between well-known genres, and expand their stylistic skill set from project to project. Many newcomers to the industry will often hear two contradictory pieces of advice on social media: "Niche down!", and "Diversify!". This begs the question, "Is there one right way to be a video game composer?" Bringing together four composers in the video game industry, Tony Manfredonia leads a Q&A and discussion with fellow composers Noa Beazley, Chase Bethea, and Virginia Leo regarding "specialization vs. versatility" in the world of video game music creation. The discussion will provide an inside look at how each of these composers got their start in video game music, their varied sources of income streams, their required skill sets in order to work in the industry, and more.

About the organization:

The American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers is an organization whose mission is to promote the arts of Music Arranging, Composition and Orchestration within the entertainment industry community and the general public. The ASMAC was founded in 1938.


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