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Digital Music Tutoring - Reid's Digital Music

A year ago I helped organise an online kids game jam with participants aged 6-15 years old, it was one of the most rewarding and fun experiences in my career so far! It stemmed a new passion in me for education in that age group, therefore, when it came to writing my dissertation I actually chose the topic of gamification in education, especially for music theory. It was quite stressful during my final year at university and I had to conduct primary research in times of a pandemic which wasn't particularly easy. I decided to interview some teachers at the local schools in my area and I came across a teacher from the old high school I used to attend. She seemed really impressed with my ideas for my Honours project and she jokingly said "do you want a job?" whilst we were laughing, it actually inspired me to pursue a career in teaching game audio to younger children. A few months passed and I randomly recalled a moment in my conversation with that teacher about digital music production and how the school may have needed some assistance in teaching that field. I sent a message to the person in charge and since then we have been setting up a way for me to gain some experience and knowledge in that direction through his company 'Reid's Digital Music' Yesterday I finally was able to take part in my first lesson in the digital music after-school club for the Year 7's! It was so great meeting all the students and I went around listening to all of their first compositions, it was truly a special moment! I'll be continuing this once a week and eventually, I am planning on creating my own game audio course after I've built enough skills to start developing it! ❤



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