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Fuse Jam #3 Maps and Memories

Oct 6, 2019

Insomnia was created in a 48 hours for Fuse Jam 2019 by:

Owen Rees (Programming & Design) Will Powell (3D Art & Design) Joseph Khan (2D Art, Foley Art & Design) Charlie Dart (Writing, Narrative Design & Design)

The theme this year was 'Maps and Memories' and each team member had to bring an 'artifact' which was basically a small object. The object was then hidden under boxes and then the team had to decide which box to choose. After discovering the 'hidden artifact' (we got a matchbox), the team then must spin a wheel and go through a series of points on a galactic map which will finally point to a page number in the 'Space Diary'. Page 22# was about a research facility which studies creatures with helium filled bladders that keeps them afloat. The game we created is about collecting data on Planet Omicron Eights potential as a Galactic Resource Center. We included a feature that allows you to make fires (hence the matchbox).

The game was made using Unreal. I created the sound design and compositions.



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