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GDC 2023

First time at GDC was absolutely amazing. It felt like a big family reunion despite meeting for the first time! I have so many good memories, made new friends, learned more about game development in my country, and had the privilege of meeting some of the most influential people in the game audio industry:

• Brian Schmidt • Clint Bajakian • Winifred Phillips • Austin Wintory • Gareth Coker • Danny Baranowsky

I went to my first Carousel Con during lunch break and attended the morning meetup for game audio with Damian Kastbauer. I even managed to meet up with some of the audio folks from Akash Thakkar's Game Industry Pro group! I was also able to attend the 21st Annual G.A.N.G Award Show and met so many incredible people at the mixer event afterward.

I explored The Italian Trade Agency, in collaboration with IIDEA Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association) at the GDC expo and learned more about the games industry in Italy. The Italian game-developing market is recording positive signs of growth for both businesses and employment. 160 development studios and 1600 professionals employed in the sector with a 45% growth in employment in the last two years!

Thank you again to those who sponsored the Stan LePard Memorial Scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to experience GDC without this opportunity:

• Maclaine Diemer • Jon Everist • C. Paul Johnson • Marty O'Donnell • Michael Salvatori • Austin Wintory • Dren McDonald • Dan Crislip

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