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Global Game Jam 2022

This years theme was "duality" so we came up with a game that incorporates the theme in quite a few ways! The duality between hot/cold inspired us to create a game about serving tea at different temperatures. We were also inspired by the duality of life/death, therefore, our game revolves around a Chinese deity; Bai Wuchang who helps guide spirits to the afterlife by serving them tea! Another interesting fact is that Heibai Wuchang means "Black and White Impermanence" (another duality!), Hei meaning black and Bai meaning white are two deities in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the underworld. We decided that our main character should be The White Guard (which we named "Bai") because he is known to have a kind personality. Finally, we decided that our game should be similar to Diner Dash however we wanted to completely eliminate anything that would cause the player stress so it's slow paced, the customers are patient, and if you get an order wrong... it's okay! ❤


Alexander Birke @AlexanderBirke

Jens Georg Holm @jensgholm

Virginia Leo @Ginxel

Chinese Folk Religion - Backstory of Bai The White Guard was born in a wealthy family and had a kind personality. His father once sent him on an errand with a large sum of money, but he forgot about his errand and used the money to help a poor family in need. When he realised his mistake, he felt ashamed to return home to face his parents so he committed suicide. After his death, the gods considered his good deeds and appointed him as the White Guard of Impermanence.




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