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Happy New Year! Recap 2022

2022 was a life-changing year for me!

  1. I married my favourite person

  2. I drove a tank and fed giraffes?!

  3. I worked in VR with StoryTrails the largest immersive storytelling project

  4. I attended my friends funeral

  5. I collaborated on an album with Rings of Saturn and toured half of the US

  6. My first and only dog passed away

  7. I moved out of a country after 20 years

  8. I came 3rd in Audio for Ludum Dare 51

  9. I worked on The Baby In Yellow again, it's now at 100 million downloads?!

  10. I visited Venice with my husband and we won a tournament at Milan Games Week!

Thank you for all the support ♥

To 2023



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