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Jacksepticeye plays The Baby In Yellow!

Firstly... The Baby In Yellow now has over 60 million downloads! 🥳

I cannot comprehend how much this game has grown since I started working on it?! It's been an incredible journey, I am so lucky and grateful for everything I have been through this past year ♥

Jacksepticeye has one of the biggest channels for gaming on YouTube, he currently has 28.5 million subscribers and has amassed over 15 billion views in the span of his YouTube career. He recently posted a new video on his channel which is currently at 1.5 million views and continues to grow. The new video was about... The Baby In Yellow?! He played through the entire game, including the newest update called "Bedtime Stories" that came out early this month. Jacksepticeye also played through the "White Rabbit" update I worked on, the timestamps for my music is at 18:43 and 24:10.

Jacksepticeye playing The Baby In Yellow



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