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Let's Make a Video Game: Live on Stage

PAX West 2023 is starting tomorrow!

Join me and 6 other panellists at the "Let's Make a Video Game: Live on Stage" event at PAX West in Seattle starting at 7:00 PM it's my first time at PAX and my first ever appearance on a panel so it will be super special! You can also watch it happen live on the official livestream channel of PAX on Twitch at

Alisa Bishop (she/her) [Senior UI/UX Artist]

Kris Kirk (he/him) [Sounds Director, Story Games Inc.]

Kieran Lampert (he/him) [Senior Artist, Polyarc]

Eric Mazer (he/him) [Platform Engineer, PlayEveryWare]

Will Overgard (he/him) [Broadcaster, Viking Blonde]

Virginia Leo (she/her) [Composer & Sound Designer, Freelance]

Sam Winkler (He/Him) [Narrative Director, Gearbox Software]



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