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Ludum Dare 52 - Results

The LD52 game jam final results were announced yesterday. There were 1144 submissions and Harveyster came 3rd 🥳 I am overwhelmed by the results and very proud to announce that I also came 6th in the Audio category! Last Ludum Dare I came 3rd which means I've been in the top 10 twice in a row, so I'm very excited to see if I can keep up the streak next time. This game jam has been by far the most successful one I've been a part of since I started jamming in 2019. It's been an incredibly fun experience and "harvest" was my favorite theme so that was lucky! (Just wish I had more time to work on this jam because I had 24 hours due to packing and leaving on an international flight the very next day... yes, there is always time for a game jam no matter what hahaha!)

Massive thank you to Aaron Baumbach (code) and Luke Blick (art)

Some other cool news... PixelProphecy streamed our game on Twitch!

And... Ludum Dare posted the top 15 results and we came 3rd!



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