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Milan Games Week - 2022

On the 26th November I went to Milan Games Week! It was my first time going to a convention in Italy, so far I've been to Insomnia, EGX and LFCC which are all based in the UK. It's one of the largest conventions in Europe for gaming with around 200,000 attendees this year alone. I had an amazing time and met a whole bunch of lovely and passionate developers!

The indie area of Milan Games Week which is called the "Indie Dungeon" is the most important showcase of video games made in Italy, there was 10 exhibition slots I walked around and scouted for games to try out. The first game I played was VERSEZERO, a mobile RPG inspired by the classics made by a small team of 2 people. It was short and sweet with a fusion of old/modern graphics which gave a VHS aesthetic to your mobile screen. The developers were very kind and gave us a small poster ♥

The second game I played was River Tails: Stronger Together, a 3D co-op adventure platformer which offered an asymmetrical co-op system between the two main characters. When I arrived at the booth the developers were holding a tournament, whoever beat the time trial would be allowed to design a new character that will be implemented in the game and receive a poster! The developers told me that no one had beat the tournament yet so I eagerly asked my husband to help me beat the game together. The tournament was from 5pm - 6pm and it was extremely intense... there were around 5 other teams participating and whoever died during the trial would have to pass the controllers onto the next team. We actually beat it after a few tries BUT we landed on the finishing line as the timer hit 0:00 so it didn't count... so we tried again and again. Finally with only a few minutes left until the end of the tournament we finally beat the time trial with 18 seconds to spare! We received a signed poster each and the developers told us to stay in touch for the designing process, which is incredibly exciting! ♥

🏆 me & my husband at the end of the tournament 🏆

After an intensive hour-long battle with moving platforms, lava and spikes, I came across a very cute and relaxing game called SeaRing, a 2D pixel action/puzzle game full of personality. It had a similar feel to Earthbound, lots of humor and possibly my favorite final boss of all time... Saladino! The team was also holding a competition to see who could beat him on their first play-through, I began playing the first half of the game but whilst playing it I got distracted talking to the team so my husband took over the second half and beat the final boss 😂

#1 The list of people who beat Saladino

#2 Final end game screen

#3 A signed drawing the dev's made for us for completing



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