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My First Livestream!

On May 26th I decided to celebrate The Baby In Yellow - Black Cat release date with a special event, my first livestream! I played through the new update from start to finish and had so much fun answering all of the questions everyone had in the chat. It was great seeing familiar names, including those of the Team Terrible developers, but also lots of new names from The Baby In Yellow fanbase! It was an absolute joy to hear so much positivity around the game's audio, especially the music for the updates I worked on in the past like the White Rabbit, and also for this new update. My video analytics showed I had viewers from 8 different countries, with the United States being the most popular then Russia, Brazil, India, and even Egypt. Wow! I don't think it could've gone better for my first streaming experience, you all consistently supported me in the chat until the end, thank you so much ♥

The livestream has ended but you can watch a full replay including the chat, right here:



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