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Pax West 2023 Panelist

I'm going to be a panelist at PAX West! 📢

Join the "Let's Make a Video Game: Live on Stage" event at PAX to see me and 5 other panelists create a video game from scratch live on stage in under an hour! This will be my first time at PAX and my first time on a panel that isn't online, I can't wait! ❤️

Let's Make a Video Game: Live on Stage Fri, Sep 1, 2023 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Monarch Theatre
Event Description: Ever wanted to know what it's like to make a game? How about seeing it done live on stage in under an hour? Join a group of award-winning developers from across the industry involved with over 30 games from indie to AAA as they attempt the impossible. Will they succeed with no time and no budget or will chaos get the best of them?

Game jams have been a hugely important part of my journey in game audio since the start. If you're looking into following this career path, I highly recommend participating in jams!



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