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Peregrine Coast - Documentary by Andrew Salter

I worked on the music for this new documentary about Peregrine Falcons! I'm super excited about this project, I absolutely love wildlife documentaries, it's been so great to have an opportunity like this. I'm so passionate about wildlife and would love to work on more documentaries like this in the future. I think everyone has a duty to look after all life on the planet we share and my way of helping this situation as a musician is to inspire people through the language of music.

Get to know the more caring side of the world's fastest animal, as two coastal peregrines attempt to rear this year's young. Will the chicks be able to leave the safety of the cliff and learn what it takes to become an adult peregrine falcon?


Filmed, Narrated & Edited by Andrew Salter

Original Music by Virginia Leo

Sound Editing by Harry Byrne

Awarded Animalis Fabula Festival's 'Official Selection' for February 2021



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