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The Composer's Life - Podcast

A few months ago I received an email from a student at Berklee asking for an interview. We arranged a call and talked for a few hours, so basically we kept in touch and became friends! She told me she was going to start a Podcast on Spotify called 'The Composer's Life' and if I would like to take part in an episode. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing a bit about my personal experience with composition and other interesting related topics give it a listen!

SPOTIFY LINK "Interview: Composer Virginia Leo":

"Virginia Leo is a composer for adaptive & interactive media- namely video games, VR, and film. She recently graduated from dBs Sound & Music Institute in Bristol with a Bachelor's Honours Degree in Sound for Games and Apps. She was recently recognized for her achievements in composing at the yearly Global Game Jam, scoring the nature documentary Peregrine Coast by Andrew Salter, and composing for the Nordic Game Jam Livestream on Twitch." - Nadia Mair

Also find Nadia's website here!



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