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Query the Theory - Podcast

Back in 2020 when I participated in the Global Game Jam I had the pleasure to meet and jam with multi-award-winning artist Alix Briskham ( around March 2021 she mentioned she was working on a new podcast about humanity's most intriguing theories called "Query the Theory" and it would be on Spotify. With a short brief and a logo, I composed some spooky Lo-Fi vibes for the podcast ❤ it has finally been released and it's available to listen to now!

Link to Query the Theory Podcast on Spotify:

Link to Query the Theory Soundtrack:

“With only a brief description and a logo to go off, not only did she experiment with a fairly new genre to her work, she came up with a fantastic piece which I can cut and rearrange at my leisure, taking my podcast to the next level of professionalism.” - Alix Briskham



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