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Showreel Comparison 2018/2022

Updated: 3 days ago

I created my first showreel in 2018 when I had just begun university. I only used Cubase a few times before I started composing my reel and I used the bare minimum as an attempt to create a few game re-scores. I graduated in 2021 and created a new showreel which included lots of new content I had piled up over the course of studying for my degree in sound for games. The only thing was that nothing in my reel was a published product so I felt like that should be my next step: work on a released game. I just finished working on my latest showreel last night and in comparison to my older reels, I've worked on 2 released products! 🥳

I think showreels are a great way to represent not only your current skills but also your progress!




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