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The Baby In Yellow - Announcement

I'm very proud to present what I've been working on with Team Terrible on The Baby In Yellow's new upcoming update The Black Cat! Today marks the official announcement of a new special character- Newt! I'm also happy to announce that the update will be released on May 26th this year and I'll finally be able to showcase my work during the entirety of this ambitious project as the sole sound designer/composer, which is extremely exciting! Watch the trailer below:

A message from Team Terrible:

"Firstly, thank you to everyone in the community who has supported us and loves the world we have created with The Baby in Yellow, it's been a wild few years for us at Team Terrible and we're looking forward to many more! We have been hard at work on our latest chapter of The Baby in Yellow - Black Cat, and we’re super excited to show you all how it’s coming along! It’s promising to be bigger, spookier and will be diving into more lore behind The Baby In Yellow than any other release to date. Originally we wanted to release in March, but to hit that deadline we’d have to cut too much of the content we have planned. So! To give ourselves the time we need to make this update epic, The Black Cat Update will now be releasing on the 26th of May 2023.



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