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The Baby In Yellow - The White Rabbit Update

A couple months ago I received an email from a newly formed indie game studio called Team Terrible ( that reached out to me for some potential work. They noticed I had taken part in a variety of game jams in the past and that the game they had been working on was also formed from a game jam last year. In the last few months they have gained a ton of success on their game "The Baby In Yellow" which is a Lovecraftian-inspired babysitting game combined with horror and comedy. Since the release the game has had few minor updates and over 10 million downloads on Android/iOS, and 500,000+ downloads on PC. They were planning on dropping a large update, "The White Rabbit Update" which my music featured in. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Team Terrible. It's quite surreal seeing so many streamers and YouTubers listening to my music! I feel very blessed ♥

The White Rabbit Update is out now, play the game for free on your Android or iOS

Download the game for free on PC here:




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