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VGM Academy Masterclass: David Wise

May 15, 2021

The 7 Day Video Game Music challenge is over! We all joined the founder of the Video Game Music Academy, Dan Hulsman on a listening party livestream where we all listened to everyone's daily tracks they submitted. David Wise also joined us to listen to the livestream and give feedback for an hour but unfortunately he didn't stick around long enough to hear my music. However, he will be providing 1 to 1 feedback on a few composers next week. Fingers crossed I get a chance!

May 23, 2021

VGM Academy Masterclass: David Wise

In this special Masterclass, the legendary composer himself - David Wise - joined a lucky handful of VGM Academy Members LIVE to listen to their music and give them real-time, face-to-face feedback on one of their compositions they created as part of the 7 Days of VGM Challenge. I was one of the lucky chosen members that received the opportunity to present my composition during the livestream. Full Video YouTube:

This is an incredibly valuable opportunity for these composers to take the "hot seat", but a similarly valuable opportunity for any composer who wants to know what an industry professional with 30 years of experience hears in a demo track. David's upcoming project, Salamandos, features a colorful cast of battle-ready salamanders with all-new original music by David. While the broadcast is viewable to the public, the "hot seats" are only open to current members of the VGM Academy.

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New to writing game music, or music in general? Power-up your composition chops by joining the #7DaysofVGM Composition Challenge - a monthly 7-day challenge to write new music (even a little bit counts). Learn more, sign up, and get free downloadable resources to aide you in your quest!




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